about finding the name

Why actually sconi piladi?

Well, this whole thing already started in 2008. It changed it’s appearance from time to time. But what since then always stayed was the name. When I had to find one, I knew it had to be unique. Honestly I do not know anymore why I did not choose my own one but I guess I had reasons.

A friend of mine, a web developer, explained me earlier that it would be smart (as a creative german business person) to take something german or something fantastic. In the end I more or less decided for both.
To be exact: For Old High German.
A language, that is obsolete, so not spoken anymore and which changed a lot on it’s way to today’s High German. And therefore it sounds fantastic, too.

But of course I did not choose any random combination of words. I was going through an online dictonary searching for words that sounded nice and made sense. Finally I found sconi piladi. So simple, so clear. Because it just means „schöne Bilder“. Or in English: Beautiful pictures.

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