I am back!

Back to the roots.

I had to set up a new website. Why? Because I crashed the last one. Actually I just did not pay my bills. Accidently. But on purpose or not, the result is the same.

So what did I do?
Because of Corona (no dancing) I had more time to think about it. And so, during Easter, I started searching. Based on WordPress there are already lots of purchaseable webdesigns. After some days I found one suiting me. Next step was finding a hoster, booking a package and installing WP.
All this was the easy part.

Because setting everything up, bringing it into it’s final shape and filling it with content can make one a bit insane.^^
First I had an idea how I wanted it to look like, but finally I decided differently: To go back to the start.

When my photography business was founded in 2008, and thus the brand sconi piladi, I had absolutely no idea of programming, design or anything else what’s necessary to build up a website. But I was lucky. I had friends. One of them was Anika Kurth, a design student. She was programming a whole site for me. With an amazing result: Simple, elegant and smart.

Based on that concept I adjusted the recently bought WordPress theme. It was a challenge and it’s still not perfect (especially on mobile devices), but I am really happy with it.

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